About Us

About Us


   Lioness activities peak after dusk – I used to read a lot after dusk

    Lioness spends 50 minutes in eating – I don’t spend more time in eating. I don’t have the patience to wait for reading

   Lioness used to patrol on their Territory – I have my own Library at my home where I spend most of my time when at home from the time I started my UG in BA English Literature

    Lioness is at maximum speed while hunting – I put my maximum effort when my skills are tested in an examination

    Attack elephants when foods are scarce – During my holidays, I used to stay in a Library and read most of the books on literature and I hunt for knowledge

    They fight for prey and distribute to smaller ones – I used to study and teach my Juniors when I did my PG in MA English Literature

    Lioness being the Queen of the jungle feels its Pride – Learning being a joy, did my Ph.D in Comparative Literature, which made me feel proud

    Lioness never sleeps when its cubs are awake – I lived with my Thesis on (Milton and Ilanko : A Comparative Study) and I literally didn’t sleep until I completed my Thesis

    Roar sounds can be heard as much as 5 miles away – In my overall teaching experience of 30 years I used to teach my Students very loudly